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Educational Advocacy

Throughout his career, Michael has become well-versed in Child Find responsibilities, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and Procedural Safeguards for Special Education.


Michael offers the unique perspective of having been involved in supports offered by public and private schools at all levels of the least restrictive environment continuum of options.

In addition to the PPT process, Michael’s experience with tiered intervention preventative strategies, screening, comprehensive evaluation, IEP development, Section 504/special education identification, and alternative placement options can prevent families from being exploited by a process which is nebulous and intimidating. Schools can neglect their responsibilities if not held accountable. Schools are able to take advantage of families without resources and may avoid paying for services that students need. Michael’s knowledge in this area can help change the course of a child’s education and mental health.

In advocacy, Michael sees an opportunity to use his specialization to give all families access to the services and supports necessary for a child to thrive, and which all families deserve. Michael will fight for access to services and supports that your child needs based on the individual case, not the school’s pressure to save money or reluctance to admit neglect. This is one of the joys of his work.

At Broadview, We’re Your Family’s Best Advocate

Broadview features a strong team of clinicians, evaluators, advocates and teachers that’s been designed around the goal of offering support for most mental health and educational needs of individuals and families. We are currently accepting new clients for educational advocacy. We offer free consultation to figure out if our services can help your situation.


We offer free consultation to figure out if our services can help your situation.
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