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Donna Cahill, BA


Parent Coordination and Divorce Mediation
Specializations: Co-Parenting Counseling and Mediation, Parenting Plans
(203) 615-3198

Having over 20 years experience working in the Connecticut court system, Donna has extensive knowledge and training in non-adversarial dispute resolution. She has negotiated, mediated, and evaluated parenting plans and custody arrangements for families involved in the dissolution process and in high conflict litigation.

She received her bachelor's degree from Roger Williams College in 1981 and worked in Danbury and Milford family courts during her career in the judicial branch. In 2017, Donna managed the Intensive Case Management program in Milford Superior Court which specifically worked with high conflict matters. Donna offers co-parenting services for families to create balance and well-being within your family structure. The goals of her intervention include:

  • Provide parents with the skills necessary to move toward more lasting parenting plans and agreements.
  • Increase parental autonomy in order to reduce parent dependence on the court system and leave decision-making in the hands of the parents.
  • Assist in the transition from adversarial dissolution to cooperative coparenting.
  • Reduce the financial and emotional impact of protracted litigation on the parents and children.
  • Amicably work toward the creation and modification of parenting plans including holiday and vacation schedules.
  • Identify the underlying sources of conflict to enhance and improve future communication.
  • Develop new skills for better methods of communication to reduce the level of conflict the children may be exposed to.

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